How do i play youtube in the background on my iphone

How to play YouTube on the background of iPhone?

Play Youtube Video in Background from iPhone, …

Standard YouTube app and some players don’t allow you to play YouTube music in the background mode on iPhone. It can be rather uncomfortable when you want to chat with your friends, enjoy funny Instagrams, or simply read your favorite ebook and listen to music tracks at thee same time. Let’s learn how to play YouTube in background on iPhone.

How to play YouTube on the background of iPhone? I have an iPhone 4 and I can't get my YouTube to play in the background like when I hit the home button it turns off or when I lock it and press play it will play from my album from iTunes. I use the YouTube app. How can I get it to work? Why can't i play youtube videos in background/lock screen on my … How to Play YouTube Videos in Background on iOS … If you want to play YouTube videos in the background on the iPhone or iPad while using other apps then that’s possible. There are few nifty tricks that let you bypass YouTube’s restriction and play videos in background on iOS 13 and iPadOS without using YouTube Premium.This allows you to listen to audio or podcasts on YouTube while your iOS device is locked or you are using any other app. YouTube won't play in background? IPhone 4?

25 Oct 2017 iOS Users (Works on iPhone and iPad). Download the Dolphin web browser to your iOS device. Open in Dolphin. Navigate to  4 Jan 2018 You can seamlessly play a YouTube video in the background from your browser. In this tutorial, we will be using Google Chrome and Mozilla  Now you're in the desktop version of YouTube on iPhone or iPad. Step 6. Now search for any video or song that you want to listen to in the background. In my  12 Sep 2019 Play YouTube Videos in the background on iPhone/iPad using Safari and Chrome. Using Safari. Method 1. Open Safari on your iOS device. Go to  9 Mar 2019 Background youtube listening in on iPhone a is bit tricky, but it is worth to try. Instead of YouTube apps, we have to depend on iOS browsers for 

Play YouTube videos in background on Apple iPhone and Android using this trick Shaurya Shubham If you are also looking for a way to do that and looking for some random third-party apps, then you might want to stop doing this because there's a workaround that actually allows users to play YouTube videos in background without any extra cost and here’s how to do it. Play Videos in the Background on Your iPhone How to Play Videos in the Background on Your iPhone. By Paul Ferson / Jul 24, 2015 / iOS. We’ve all been in the mood to hear a particular song while we’re out and about. Naturally, when you’re in the mood for a song, you can be sure it’s not on your phone, but it is almost certainly on YouTube. Apple’s iOS devices just don’t play as well with YouTube as they could, but you can at How to Play YouTube Videos with Screen Off … This was the tutorial on how to play YouTube videos with screen off on Android and iOS. I recommend you to use Mozilla Firefox, because it also plays videos in the background while you are using your device. But, chrome and safari pause the video. They only work on the lock screen.

Today I will tell you about how you can play YouTube videos in the background on your Android or iPhone with iOS. The major limitation of this famous video portal is its incompatibility to watch the videos in the background and not able to use the other apps at the same time. Do you think it […]

13 Feb 2019 This handy trick lets you play the audio from a YouTube video in the background, while doing something else on your iPhone or iPad - and  18 Nov 2019 Use Dolphin, Opera Mini, Mercury Browser, or Opera Coast as your browser for playing the YouTube videos and audio as opposed to Safari or  28 May 2019 You can play YouTube videos in the background of your iPhone using YouTube Premium. Here's how to get YouTube Premium and use the  7 Aug 2019 You can listen to YouTube with the screen off, too. Press the sleep/wake button to turn your device off and the audio should continue to play. 21 Mar 2020 This article explains how you can play YouTube videos in the background on your iPhone or iPad for free. This will let you listen to YouTube 

If you want to listen to YouTube audio on your phone while multitasking with other apps or after you’ve locked your screen, ditch the YouTube app and give your earbud’s play button a press.

7 Mar 2020 Trying to listen to YouTube with your iPhone or iPad screen off or in the background? In this tutorial, I show you a trick that allows YouTube to 

28 Mar 2019 In this video I'll show you how to play any YouTube video in the background! That means you can lock your iPhone and have the screen off!